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Whatever your goal, no matter how big, or small, you can unlock your potential. We strive to create an environment that inspires everyone to attain their goals, and we are driven by a genuine and wholehearted determination to help our clients achieve theirs.

We are THEM. We are THEY. We are US.

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Clara Swedlund

Clara started off as a client with a goal of simply doing a photoshoot. Six months later she did that and also stepped on stage […]

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Andrew Stewart

Andy is a personal trainer himself out of Edinburgh. He came on board to complete a photoshoot for his business but also as a personal […]

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Lisa Clark

Lisa moved coaches at the start of her journey to Vaughan as she wasn’t getting exactly what she wanted. Over time they worked closely to […]


Posted 4 months ago

Can you grow muscle when dieting?

In some cases, yes. If you’re a beginner or an assisted individual (anabolic steroids) you’ll be able to grow muscle mass whilst dropping body fat. […]

Posted 4 months ago

Can you take a step back when dieting?

Did you know that you don’t have to be going 100mph your whole dieting phase? Do you think you needed to always be pushing more […]

Posted 4 months ago

Is stress effecting your menstrual cycle?

Are you experiencing frequent cycles or perhaps have you lost of the cycle (Amenorrhea)? If so, then go speak to your doctor if you haven’t […]