The teams current thoughts on all things physique development. There are so many conflicting issues in the industry today but the team put across their thoughts in laymans terms for you to understand.

Posted 7 hours ago

The “why” and “how” behind banding machines

Over the past couple of years, you may have noticed an ever-growing trend: adding bands to machines. You may think that it’s just some new-school […]


Posted 1 week ago

How does creatine work?

The fact that creatine can increase training performance, aid recovery and help us in our endeavour to continually add muscle mass is widely accepted and […]

Muscle Growth, Nutrition/Supplements, Recovery Fundamentals

Posted 2 weeks ago

Are you using your logbook effectively?

Logbooks have become one of the biggest things in the fitness industry recently, especially with “new school” bodybuilders, and it’s about time!! However, some people […]

Muscle Growth, Training

Posted 3 weeks ago

Stress management techniques and how to apply them

Although it’s far from optimal, many of us have come to live accepting an inordinately high level of constant stress. You’ve heard us talk about […]

Recovery Fundamentals

Posted 3 weeks ago

The trap of competing each year

Let’s face it: once you’re in the bodybuilding game, it can become all too easy to fall into the trap of wanting to compete every […]


Posted 2 months ago

What is a refeed and can it help fat loss?

If you follow competitors on Instagram, you may see that – on the odd occasion, whilst they are dieting – they will have a day […]

Fat Loss

Posted 2 months ago

Motivation during the cold winter months

Honestly, at this stage of 2020, it’s almost hard to know what to say. Motivation is hard, and that’s why relying on it is, well… […]

Mindset and Psychology

Posted 2 months ago

The reality behind dieting to extremes

Instagram might make dieting look cool and give you the impression that it is very easy; however, in reality, this is far from the truth. […]

Fat Loss

Posted 2 months ago

I want to compete – when should I hire a coach?

So, you’re thinking of competing for the first time and you’re Instagram shopping for a prep coach, wondering when you should approach them to start […]


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