Sandra Davies

Sandra joined the team to regain her confidence she had due to letting her physique slip. This would mean changing lifestyle habits that had been in place for years. We had to sit down and look at her day, find out what was causing her to over eat and binge on foods high in carbohydrates and to do this we implemented a structured meal plan for her to follow.

This took the thought process out of it but was only a temporary solution to the problem. As time went on I educated her on carbs, fats and proteins and how she could track them all using an app. It took us a few months but after some time she was able to run her own food across the day and make changes to each meal whenever she liked.

Sandra has lost a total of 30kg to date, 20kg of that coming off in the first 6 months of her journey. Training has now become part of her life and the benefits it has had on her mental state are apparent. At first she was a shy timid gym goer to now walking around with her head held high and a body she is confident in.

Simply by following the process she saw a huge change in her physique, regained body confidence and now she plans to do a photoshoot at the end of this year to put a stamp on her new life.